Our Services

Life Science & Health Care

Medical devices + equipment, prescription drugs, lab Specimens, Blood shipment, organs transportation, and materials for clinical trials.

Air Freight

Pick up and drop off packages at JFK – LGA – EWR airports. Have personnel personally deliver via plane – state to state

Legal Services

Legal and confidential documents, messages, packages, court filing and court document retrieval


Aviation/ Aircraft parts and Auto parts delivery services

Quality and Performance at the right price

Welcome to our courier and logistics company, where we specialize in providing safe, reliable and efficient transportation in a variety of industries like Life Science & Health Care, Legal, Aviation and Retail. At our core, we understand the importance of timely and secure delivery and we are aware that each client has different needs and requirements, so we offer customization for any customer. Our team of professionally trained couriers is strategically located in various locations to ensure each pickup and delivery can be completed on time and in perfect condition, without any compromise on safety or quality.

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Our Main Services

Ground Delivery

Air Delivery

Sea Delivery